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Picture of Puppy and Kitten Pack Offers

*1.5kg-4kg bag depending on breed size. The most appropriate puppy diet will be allocated based on the breed of the puppy. In some cases there may be a choice of Size Health Nutrition or Breed Diets.

Picture of Puppy and Kitten Pack Offers

* *New owners receive a choice of Babycat or Kitten diets. In some cases a Breed Kitten diet may also be available.

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It is important that new owners continue to feed the product that their kitten or puppy has been raised on.

Being away from their littermates and familiar smells and sounds can cause stress to a kitten or puppy, and keeping them on the same diet when they transition to their new home helps prevent any additional digestive stress. By continuing to feed ROYAL CANIN® kitten or puppy food, this can limit gastrointestinal stress, as well as provide all the digestive benefits from the diet.

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  • The Puppy or Kitten Pack - pictured right, contains:
    • A4 Document Folder
    • Tote Bag
    • Puppy or Kitten Guide Book
    • Blanket
    • A4 Flyer with Details on how to receive the below
  • 1 X FREE bag of ROYAL CANIN® Puppy or Kitten Food and a stainless steel bowl, shipped directly to the new owner
  • 1 x 30% off voucher for their first purchase
Picture of a pack contents
  1. Puppy and Kitten packs (pictured above) can be ordered FREE with your food order on the Webshop. Simply click ‘Register Litter’ at the checkout.
  2. Enter the details of your litter and click 'Register'. Once successful the packs will appear as an item in your cart. Continue to checkout as normal.
  3. When you receive the packs you must fill in your Breeder Club number on the flyer inside the pack – this step is important!
  4. You can find your Breeders Club number at the top of any newsletter or on the my account page of the Webshop. Eg. C123456
  5. The best time to give this pack to your new owners is 2 – 3 weeks before they are ready to collect their new pet. If this isn’t possible you can let them know your Breeders Club number and the unique barcode from their pack. Editable PDFs can be downloaded using the link below if required and sent or emailed to your new owners.

Download Puppy Pack Flyer PDF Download Kitten Pack Flyer PDF

See below a screenshot showing where the 'Register Litter' button is displayed in your cart (top right).

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  1. Your new owner will need to visit one of:
  2. They are required to enter some basic information including:
    • Your Breeders Unique Code
    • The Pack Serial Number AUa1B2c3 - printed on the A4 flyer (or found on the back of the folder for older packs)
  3. Your new owners may be able to select from multiple diets eg. Labrador Puppy and Maxi Puppy, Mother & Babycat or Kitten dry diets. Make sure you are familiar with the options and let your new owner know which diet you recommend.
  4. Once the sign up process is complete your new owner will receive a validation email. It is important that they validate their account so they can access it in the future.
  5. They will also receive a Welcome Email with their first 30% off voucher. The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date it is sent and can be redeemed in any participating pet store, veterinary clinic or online retailer - pictured right.
  6. The free bag of food will normally take 2–3 day to arrive. Your new owner will receive an email with the tracking details of their delivery.
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See below an image showing the sign up page your new owners will need to complete - make sure you are familiar with the site so you can assist them if needed.

Picture of Puppy and Kitten Packs website
  1. New owners may only receive up to 2 free bags of food in any 24 month period even if they purchase more than 2 puppies or kittens from a qualifying breeder.
  2. 30% off vouchers are only valid one per person.
  3. The promotion is not open to members of the Royal Canin Breeders Club.
  4. Packs can not be sent overseas—if however you are sending a puppy between New Zealand and Australia please contact [email protected] to arrange this.
  5. Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.
  1. Every FREE bag of food your new owners sign up for = 10 Breeder Rewards points.
  2. Learn more about the Breeder Rewards Programme here.

If you have any queries about the process please contact [email protected]