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2018 Series

Dr. Jacqui Ley

Why does my cat do that? Understanding common cat behaviours

  • Presented by: Dr. Jacqui Ley BVSc (Hons), PhD, FACVSc, DiplECAWBM Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre
In this informative webinar, Dr. Jacqui Ley details what normal feline behaviour looks like and provides tips on how to advise clients on living with these complex creatures.

13 March 2018

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Dr. Linda Fleeman

The Diabetic Cat The Challenges of Management

Management of diabetes in cats can be a very rewarding feature of veterinary practice. Home monitoring is often simple and practical, and about 50% will easily achieve diabetic remission. However, insulin overdose can cause 'brittle' unstable signs and/or life-threatening neuroglycopenia if insulin withdrawal is not timed appropriately. This presentation will discuss practical guidelines and a logical approach to solving the most common problems encountered when treating diabetic cats.

17 April 2018

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Dr. Graeme Swinney

Early Diagnosis of Renal Disease What's all the fuss about?

  • Presented by: Dr. Graeme Swinney BVSc FANZCVS (Canine Medicine) IDEXX Medical Affairs Veterinarian & Internal Medicine Consultant
In this webinar Dr Graham Swinney from IDEXX will explore the importance of early diagnosis of renal disease.

22 May 2018

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Dr. Randolph Baral

Triaditis in Cats Understanding the Trifecta

This webinar aims to explore the trifecta assessing what is currently known (and unknown) about feline triaditis. What signs do we see? How does it come about? How do we diagnose it? How do we treat it? What's the prognosis? Using practical case examples, this webinar will present sound advice on how best to manage these patients.

19 June 2018

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Dr. Nick Cave

Nutritional Truths Dispelling common dietary myths

  • Presented by: Dr. Nick Cave BVSc, MVSc, PhD, MANZS, DipACVN Massey University
In this webinar, Dr Nick Cave introduces the first half of the webinar using recently published data to highlight how valuable a conversation about nutrition can be in a veterinary clinic setting and provides tips on how to have scientific conversations around common pet food trends or myths with pet owners. The second half of the session opens up to the attendees for an interactive Q&A covering all aspects of small animal nutrition.

17 July 2018

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